Frequently Asked Questions

what is webhosting ?

Webhosting is client server technology to make your website and host in online in such a way that it can be browsed through the world from any internet device including Mobile / desktop / client machines

How much time does it take for account to setup ?

It should be not more than 48 hours max. Certain times custom requirement needs more time like the web design and script change

Do you offer help on third part scripts ?

It depends. Some scripts are simpler and the tech executive might able to help. Some complex or custom script needs the original developer to intervene. We can try the best to meet your demands on time to time basis.

Is the Unlimited webhosting indeed unlimited ?

The primary need of web hosting to to make it world view able, if you have all contents which is world accessible, then it is not an issue, but certain files which has no access and unnecessary makes use of the space would be periodically house keep to save space to make room for other customers

Do you offer license to some scripts ?

Strictly no as of now.

DO you provide web design service ?

Contact sales. They would help you hire a designer for the right requirement and support on our servers

what is free domain ?

Free domain is provided to certain shared account either 1st year or lifetime depending upon the situation.The right price will be updated automatically on the checkout